Today I’m inspired to blog about living your life.  Be Present. Be Free. You can control your life! Change those thoughts into positive thoughts. Follow your bliss. Do what you LOVE. Look for reasons why you can! Live is short have fun! Watch this video from High on Life

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My Thoughts on Eating Healthy

Recently I have decided to change my eating habits because of a lot of things that I feel processed foods cause. Our food industry really needs to change. We need to have more local farms so that we don’t have to ingest chemicals that are used to preserve foods and stimulate quicker growth. The statement…

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Kate Spade

Today we lost a talented, bright posh fashion designer Kate Spade ♠️ She started out designing handbags that were simple and elegant. I loved the simple and bright colors of the items she designed. She brought a lot of happiness not only to me as a person but to a lot of people in the…

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