Category: Types of High Heels

Hi heel of the day!

These Valentino heels are beautiful! Its a stacked heel so they can be worn for a much longer time than a stilleto.  These are fabulous for spring!! Shop them here: Valentino Beaded Leather Sandal with Floral-Lucite Heel, Light Ivory

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hi heels at the oscars 

the fashion is so important for any award show. Hi Heels are always a must for the fabulous gowns we see worn on the red carpet. Even though most of the time you can’t see the heels because of the length of the gowns, there is always a lot of chatter about the heels. Hi…

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Corset Heels

Corset Heels are similar to the bootie or mule style heel. What makes them different are that the two sides of the show are tied together similar to that of a traditional corset.

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