Happy New Year 🥳

◾️Life is short!

◾️Remember when we were kids how time seemed so long? (Even my daughter says “oh Mom last year went by so fast” 😂)

◾️We are so busy these days, our plates are full and overflowing. Some of us barely have time to spend with our loved ones.

◾️To achieve our goals we must actually write them out!

◾️Plan because before you know it your time maybe limited.

◾️I have a journal that I use to write my yearly goals, and I often go back to see what I set 3-5 years or more back.

◾️I have found that 90% of the time the goals that I write I have achieved. So I know that writing goals down is effective.

◾️Most recently though, I’ve been following @marioarmstrong and he shared his RAP plan (Reflections Action Plan) which I found to be very simple and easy to use. Check it out on his website marioarmstrong.com (it’s FREE😊), and it’s an amazing tool to help you focus on becoming successful in 2019.

◾️This is what he recommends:

-WRITE your goals down.

-Make them SPECIFIC.

-Have an ACCOUNTABILITY Partner.

-LEARN from your failures.

-NEVER give up!

High Heels

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