Looking Great and Feeling Healthy

During the summer I experimented with changing my diet to plant based diet for a couple of weeks. My 11-year old daughter also participated in this experiment. I had decided to do this because whenever we would eat out I would always feel different at the end of the meal. Instead of feeling nourished and invigorated, I felt  more tired, and my body would be aching all over—just not feeling good. I knew it was my diet or the meal I had eaten because I ate more meat when I ate out, and I have been trying to slowly wean myself off meat. 

My sister is a vegan and has been for many years and she always has a lot of energy despite working long hours. I visited her for a week and it was amazing to see how her refrigerator was filled with a variety of plants, fruits and vegetables. She even had them arranged by color. She made vegan meals and I enjoyed them  a lot. I did not miss meat or poultry at all. 

After testing out my version of a plant based diet for 2 weeks, my daughter and I decided to eat out one day at a fast food restaurant. Needless to say after eating a chicken sandwich I felt very drowsy, achy all over…, a feeling that lasted for about 24 hours. I could not believe that meat could make me feel this way. 

I have since then made a conscious decision to eat more plants and cut back on the meat so far, I’m feeling a lot better.

After my experience I saw some documentaries about food — “What the Health”,  In Defense of Food” “Food Inc” “Food Choices” which opened my eyes. 

My blog is about high heels, but you know, you can’t wear high heels, look chic and confident if you do not feel great! 

As a child I grew up in a vegetarian family, but I am now returning to a plant based diet. I wanted to share my experience with you because I feel  it could help you or someone you know and to encourage you to take steps to making intentionally healthier food choices!

Wishing you great health!


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