My Thoughts on Eating Healthy

Recently I have decided to change my eating habits because of a lot of things that I feel processed foods cause. Our food industry really needs to change. We need to have more local farms so that we don’t have to ingest chemicals that are used to preserve foods and stimulate quicker growth. The statement we are what we eat is very true.

I also believe that society encourages us to eat even when we aren’t hungry. Just count the food commercials in a 1 hour period that you see on TV, on social media. Most of the foods that are shown to us are processed. Recently I was inspired to pick up some items to make a fruit salad. (FYI: I follow @alphafoodie and @queenofgreen on Instagram) I picked up some mangoes, strawberries blueberries raspberries came home cut them all up made a great salad. I wished I’d taken a picture of my salad to share with you. I felt so refreshed my mind was much clearer after eating that salad, I was not drowsy as I would feel if I had processed food. This was an amazing feeling for me!

There are also other things that contribute to us not having/making healthy choices. Things like our lifestyle, work, stress… a lot of these we can change some contributing factors we can’t for example genetics.

CHANGE is hard but we can do it!

Here are some visual inspiration for you:

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