What do I love most about Spring?

Well its spring time again! Spring  makes me feel like its a new year. Trees and flowers are blooming and blossoming, and this triggers me to look at my life goals.

Most recently I have decided that I want to have more meaningful experiences in life. Up until this time, I have worked and not really experienced the world the way that I would like to.

Some of the people that inspire my actions are Gary Vaynerchuk AKA GaryVee, and Tim Ferriss. In order to accomplish your life goals you will have to change your mindset, and surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Check out this article from success.com

So yes, welcome spring! and welcome change!

You can check out some fun items I created to inspire you here.

High Heels

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I love fashion, especially high heeled shoes.
So, this blog is dedicated to sharing information about high heeled shoes.