The Basics…How to Pick Essential Footwear

Most women are very busy in our daily lives, and we sometimes do not have access to a personal stylist to go shopping, and make sure that we have essential wardrobe items. For foot wear you should have basics that are consistent with your life style. In general the following styles of shoes should be a part of your footwear wardrobe:

Loafer,  sneaker, wedge, platform pump, stiletto pump, knee high boot, ankle boot, stiletto sandal, and wedge sandal. As far as colors you want to stick with neutrals so that they can be worn with a variety of outfits. For example colors such as: nude, black, tan, and white.

TIP: If you happen to love the way a shoe fits and how comfortable it is for you by all means get all the colors in that style you want! No one wants to live with regrets.


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