High Heels? High Fashion or High Danger?

Dr. Denise Thompson

The origination of high heels is debatable.  Some claim that male butchers were the first heels with logoto wear them to avoid the blood and guts on the floors while others tout that a version of high heels was found in an Egyptian tomb.  Whatever the origin the high heel has had many different shapes and styles but one thing universally remains and that is discomfort.  We have all been there, deciding whether we really wanted to go through the all night agony of wearing our cutest heels or to settle for practical pair of flats.  We all know that high heels can make our legs look longer, our calves look more toned, our feet look smaller, and even our derriere look more perky, but at what cost?

Doctors are in agreement that the higher the heel the more danger they can cause.  There can be instant injury such as an ankle…

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