right shoes for your outfit

the fashion world is constantly changing, it can be challenging to coordinate your outfits.

few rules exist for how you wear shoes.

  • First rule is to invest in two pairs of classic high heels, one pair black and one pair nude. The black heels will go with everything, from work to evening. Nude heels are flattering because they elongate your legs. Try finding one to match your skin tone.
  • For professional venues use standard colors.
  • If your attire is multicolored then focus on the tone.
  • Avoid matching all your clothing colors exactly.
  • Wear bright colored heels with a plain outfit, or strappy heels with a men’s inspired outfit.
  • Stilettos work well with slim fit pants and pencil skirts because this combination elongates your legs.
  • Hi heel sandals work best with evening wear. When worn with jeans hi heels make you look elegant.
  • Avoid wearing ankle booties with long skirts, because they give the appearance of your leg being cut off at the ankle . With booties you should wear a shorter skirt or something that shows more of your leg like leggings that show enough leg for balance. If you wear longer skirts try to wear heels that show more of your feet like strappy heels or peep toe heels.

balance and surprise makes your outfit most interesting!

if you want to get more ideas on right shoes for your outfit, you can check out style magazines such as People Style Watch, fashion blogs such as Fashion Bomb Daily (one of my favorites) and look books such as this one on heels.com, you can also see how to wear your heels at your favorite designer’s website as well.

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