making high heels more comfortable

The higher the pitch on the heel is the more your feet will hurt or be uncomfortable. The pitch is the slanted or sloped part of the sole of the shoe. So, looking for a high heel that has a gentle slope/pitch will minimize your discomfort. There are many stilettos that are over 4″ that have a gentle pitch.

The cheaper the heel the cheaper the material is the more discomfort you will endure. Although leather doesn’t guarantee comfort it does conform to your feet much better than plastic or man-made material does.

Most discomfort comes from the ball of the foot so Gel inserts may be helpful placing them at the ball of the foot. You should replace your gel inserts about every 6 months.
Band-Aid brand friction block is also a great product to use you can apply it to areas that you think will be more prone to friction from wearing the high heel, and it protects your feet from getting blisters. Moleskin is another product that works well with protecting the problem areas on your feet. You can find these items at your local drugstore or online.

Cutting down your high heels also can help with eliminating discomfort without being obvious. Cutting off over one inch can change how the heel feels and looks. This can be done at a cobbler for a very reasonable price.

Change in the way you walk also can help prevent discomfort when you wear high heels. The correct way to walk in high heels is to keep your back straight and head straight as if you’re being pulled up by a string. Use your hips to shift and lift your legs to the center with each step you take.
Changing your gait will help you to readjust your body’s center of gravity.

Not wearing high heels more than two days or more in a row will help reduce discomfort.

Shopping for your shoes at the end of the day when your feet are a little more swollen can also help with increasing your comfort level. If you have snug fitting heels already then you can invest in a shoe stretching device or you can take your shoes to a shoe cobbler and they can stretch them for you.

Wearing shoes that are more secure such as shoes that have a strap across the front can help you be more comfortable in wearing your high heels, because you feel more secure and have less fear that the shoe is going to fall off.

Comfort Types of High Heels

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