Love Languages

I just wanted to share with you a resource to help you understand the person who is your life partner. I’m doing this because I have had challenges in my life when it comes to relationships with a significant other, and my blog name has the word love (luv) in it. This book has helped…

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Fear Not

◾️Don’t let fear take over your dreams. ◾️I have struggled before with fear numerous times, and I’ve found that once you get past fear there is relief, and happiness! ◾️Don’t be afraid of living your life and don’t care about what others think of you and your dreams! ◾️Your opinion of yourself is the most…

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The Peony

◾️The Peony is one of the most elegant flowers and one of my favorites, so when I saw these heels I was wowed! So creative! ◾️Perfect for spring. 📷 @guisseppe_zanotti

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